Music Barnaby

β€œBarnaby Pro is the only mic that doesn't get in the way of our sound, it just sounds like what I hear coming out of my instrument.” β€” Brian Smith, Georgia Guitar Quartet

Some producers and engineers may choose to use Barnaby only to make specific instruments or vocals "jump out" of a mix. We prefer to record everything we can through Barnaby! It works equally well on every instrument, whether a full orchestra β€” acoustic guitar, drums, piano and vocals β€” or recording strategically placed guitar and bass amps.

A special benefit of recording with Barnaby is that you rarely need to use any EQ to adjust recorded tracks. The unique quality of 3D audio is that one instrument or vocal won't "clutter" another even if in the same frequency range. Think about it this way... If you are in a crowded, noisy room, you can still hear the person next to you. Why? Because you hear in 3D. So does Barnaby! Anything you record with Barnaby will still stand out in a mix regardless of how busy the mix is.

A "3D Audio Live" accessory kit is available for sale or rent to make Facebook Live or YouTube Live broadcasting fast and easy. The whole kit sets up in less than two minutes, and can be easily installed in the mixing area at a live concert. Broadcast concerts live in 3D Audio anywhere, at little cost, from an intimate nightclub to large outdoor festival or major arena. Those listening on Facebook Live or YouTube Live will hear the concert in 3D with the same fidelity as that demonstrated on our Listen page. Whatever someone hears from the mixing area with their own ears is exactly what everyone will hear in 3D online!