Barnaby is the world's first perfect microphone — listeners can't tell if they're listening to a recording or experiencing real life. Most microphones overemphasize certain frequencies; the few that are 3D sound poor in speakers. Barnaby sounds amazing in speakers and headphones, with flat frequency response. But not any flat — flat calibrated for human hearing. Whether a vocal, saxophone, fighter jet, or sound of bats, Barnaby captures sound precisely from 3Hz to 100 kHz — using 3D.Audio's patent pending process. Trust your own ears: Listen Now

“Barnaby merges two worlds in a way that is beyond cinematic; this a visceral experience, one that will fool you into thinking you’re physically there in a scene.” — Paris Schulman, Executive Producer, GROBB, RiTE Media Group

Barnaby microphones record 3D audio with flat frequency response calibrated for speakers and headphones. (3 Hz - 100 kHz)