Barnaby microphones create recordings so real, a listener can't tell if they're listening to a recording or experiencing real life. While there are other 3D or flat frequency response microphones available, most with flat frequency response are not 3D, and the few binaural microphones that are 3D have poor fidelity in speakers. Barnaby recordings sound amazing even in speakers, with flat frequency response. But not any flat — flat calibrated for human hearing. Whether a vocal, saxophone, fighter jet, or sound of bats, Barnaby records precisely from 3Hz to 100 kHz — using 3D.Audio's patent pending process. Trust your own ears: Listen Now

Brian Smith, Georgia Guitar Quartet “Barnaby Pro is the only mic that doesn't get in the way of our sound, it just sounds like what I hear coming out of my instrument.”

Paris Schulman, Producer “I’ve never heard any other traditional or binaural mic that will fool you into thinking you’re physically there in a scene like Barnaby Pro.”