All recordings made with one Barnaby stereo microphone. No EQ, effects, overdubs.
P = Pro, R = Retro, U = Ultra
[Barnaby Retro] Helicopters fight the fire, people evacuate, firetrucks go by, fireman shares his story. [Barnaby Pro] Protesters march in Asheville, North Carolina. [Barnaby Retro] Blue Angels flying over San Francisco Bay, as well as from runway taking off and landing. [Barnaby Pro] Scenic railway passenger train recorded from Blue Ridge, Georgia to Copperhill, Tennessee. [Barnaby Pro] Fourth of July fireworks show recorded up close so one can hear fireworks as they launch. [Barnaby Pro] Kate Morrissey with John Norris and Roger Stahl. (Reverb added to vocal.) [Barnaby Pro] Stray Cats cover by Thomas Lessl (You can even hear subtleties of piano keys being pressed.) [Barnaby Pro] Drum solo performed by John Norris of Athens, Georgia. [Barnaby Pro] Street musician Rhone Avielle sings Sinnerman on the Atlanta Beltline. [Barnaby Retro] C. McCarthy (vocals), Larry Klein (bass), Denny Fongheiser (perc.), Timmy Cappello (sax). [Barnaby Ultra] Bats emitting ultrasonic sounds made audible by transposing down 5 and 6 octaves. [Barnaby Pro] 1890 Steam train recorded in Felton, California. [Barnaby Pro] Two fighter jets closely follow each other. Naval Station Oceana, Virginia Beach, VA. [Barnaby Pro] Actors running in battle scene recorded for the forthcoming movie Grobb. [Barnaby Pro] Ambulance goes by as people walk, bicycle and drive through a busy New York intersection. [Barnaby Pro] Lively crowd at UGA vs. Georgia Tech football game. [Barnaby Pro] UGA Redcoats Marching Band performs in stands at UGA vs. Georgia Tech game. [Barnaby Pro] Penn Station subway train arrives then departs in New York City. [Barnaby Pro] Brian Smith recorded at The Glow, Athens, GA [Barnaby Pro] Natalie Smith (flute) and Brian Smith (7-string guitar), recorded at The Glow, Athens, GA [Barnaby Pro] Two ping pong balls bouncing.